Miss Susan B. Anthony Fined $100 and Costs for Illegal Voting


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Miss Susan B. Anthony Fined $100 and Costs for Illegal Voting
     CANANDAIGUA, N.Y., June 19—At 2 o'clock this afternoon Judge Selden made a motion in the case of Miss Anthony for a new trial, upon the ground of a misdirection of the judge in ordering a verdict of guilty without submitting the case to the jury. He maintained, in an elaborate argument, the right of every person charged with crime to have the question of guilt or innocence passed upon by a constitutional jury, and that there was no power in this court to deprive her of it.
     The District Attorney replied, when the Court, in a brief review of the argument of the counsel, denied the motion.
     The District Attorney immediately moved that the judgment of the Court be pronounced upon the defendant.
     The Court made the usual inquiry of Miss Anthony if she had anything to say why the sentence should not be pronounced.
     Miss Anthony answered and said she had a great many things to say, and declared that in her trial every principle of justice had been violated; that ever right had been denied; that she had had no trial by her peers; that the Court and the jurors were her political superiors and not her peers, and announced her determination to continue her labors until equality was obtained, and was proceeding to discuss the question involved in the case, when she was interrupted by the Court with the remark that these questions could not be reviewed.
Miss Anthony replied she wished it fully understood that she asked no clemency from the Court; that she desired and demanded the full rigor of the law.
     Judge Hunt then said the judgment of the Court is that you pay a fine of $100 and the costs of the prosecution, and immediately added, there is no order that you stand committed until the fine is paid; and so the trial ended.
     A motion for a new trial is to be made in the case of the inspectors tomorrow morning on the ground that Hail, one of the defendants, was absent during the trial.

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