Mr. Ouchy's First Day

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In this book you will meet Mr. Ouchy, a teacher with a case of firstday jitters. Will his students like him? What if he can’t remember their names? What if he can’t even find the bathroom? Fortunately, Mr. Ouchy’s students have plenty of their own questions, and together they have a great day telling time, spelling Mr. Ouchy’s silly-sounding name, and just having fun. This is an upbeat classroom story with a funny twist on the first day of school experience, and its lively illustrations are sure to please young readers. This story will help young children explore their feelings about beginning a new school year.

1. The children will develop an understanding of the feelings that children and teachers share on the first day of school.
2. The children will develop an understanding of others who work in the school and the feelings that they have about the first day.
3. The children will develop verbal expressive skills as they talk about their feelings and expectations for the school year.
4. The children will develop the confidence to approach the teacher to ask questions and engage in discussion.

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