Music of the American Colonies

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Anne Enslow and Ridley Enslow

"A fine sampling of the diverse musical traditions found in the American colonies." — John D. Barrows, manager of music and dance, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

1.   One Misty Moisty Morning (4:09)
       vocals, baroque guitar, whistle, violin, hammered dulcimer

2.   A Tobacco Song (1:57)
       vocal, hammered dulcimer

3.   Gathering Peascods (2:09)
       violin, whistle, hammered dulcimer, baroque guitar

4.   Luilak/Fiere Pinkster Bloem (1:21)
       vocals, cello, recorder, hommel

5.   New England's Annoyances (2:35)
       vocal, baroque guitar

6.   Psalm 116 (1:49)

7.   Bobbing Joe/ Galloping Nag/ Marquis of Huntly (4:15)
       harp, violin, flute, hammered dulcimer, whistle, cello, bones, bodhran

8.   Great Lord Frog to Lady Mouse (2:27)
       vocals, harpsichord, baroque oboe

9.   Over the Hills and Far Away (2:01)
       vocals, baroque oboe, theorbo

10. Fandango (1:57)
       baroque guitar

11. Canasatego Reading/Moccasin Dance (2:42)
       narration, chorus, water drum, rattle

12. En Roulant Ma Boule (2:24)

13. Come Haste to the Wedding/ Mulberry Garden/ Money in Both Pockets (3:41)
       violin, flute, hammered dulcimer, harpsichord

14. In the Fields in Frost and Snows (2:01)
       vocals, harpsichord

15. Down Among the Dead Men (2:47)
       vocals, Spanish guitar, violin, flute

16. Olaudah Equiano Reading/ Angola (4:05)
       narration, chorus, balaphone, djembe

17. Anna (3:27)
       glass armonica, hammered dulcimer, flute, cello, violin

18. A Taxing We Will Go (arranged by Steve Schneider) (2:03)
       vocal, baroque oboe, flute, violin, cello, baroque guitar

19. The Irishman's Epistle to the Officers and Troops at Boston/ Irish Washerwoman (2:18)
       vocal, violin, whistle, hammered dulcimer, baroque guitar

20. O! Say Bonny Lass (2:59)
       vocals, harp, violin, cello, baroque oboe

21. A Soldier's Song (3:02)
       vocals, theorbo, violin, glass armonica

22. Cornwallis Country Dance/ Fisher's Hornpipe (3:48)
       vocals, violin, flute, Spanish guitar, harpsichord, bones

Anne Enslow—vocals, hammered dulcimer, Spanish guitar, hommel
Ridley Enslow—vocals, violin
Christa Patton—harmony vocals, flute, recorders, whistle, harp, baroque guitar (on "Gathering Peascods")
Bill Mitchell—harmony vocals
Richard Kolb—baroque guitar, theorbo
Edward Brewer—harpsichord
Virginia Brewer—baroque oboe
Semyon Fridman—cello
Cecilia Gniewek-Brauer—glass armonica
Irving Powless, Jr.—water drum, rattle, narration
Ron McBee—djembe
Seguenon Kone—balaphone
Lawrence Hamilton—narration
Myron Bretholz—bones, bodhran

Recorded at: Westrax Recording Studios in New York, NY, by Jeremy Harris
Mixed at: World Studios in New York, NY, by Greg Anderson and at Westrax by Gennady Giller
Producer: Bill Mitchell Executive Producers: Anne Enslow and Ridley Enslow
© 2000 Anne Enslow and Ridley Enslow
All rights reserved

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