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Nanofictionary is a game about telling tiny stories. You might say it's like a miniature short story writing contest in the form of a card game. Even an extremely short narrative can tell a complete short story, provided it contains each of the four specific "plot devices", namely: a Setting, a Problem, at least one Character, and a Resolution.
In this game then, there are four basic types of cards, corresponding to these four plot devices. Each player works at developing the basic structure of a story by building up a collection of these cards. A fifth type of card, called an Action, allows players to add Complications to their stories, Brainstorm now ideas, Plagiarize from other players and Uncrumple old ideas out of the discard pile.
So, break out your storytelling hat and hold on for a fun ride!

Play Information
Play Time: 
30 min.
Min. Player: 
Max. Players: 
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Small Game Drawer #1