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Bill likes to be active, a lean, mean, nutrition machine. Find out about his eating habits in this episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Bill is bustling with activity. He grew up from a baby, for one thing. Now, he bikes. He can walk really fast. He even dances. What’s his secret? Food, food, and more food. It’s important to give your body enough food every day. Food is a body’s fuel, and just like a car, your body needs food to make energy and keep going. One cannot live on crispy pork rinds alone. A balance of food from all the major groups is essential to good health. And don’t forget breakfast – watch the show to find out how this important meal got its name.

All food, whether it’s protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, or minerals, is made of chemicals. When your body gets a hold of these chemicals, it recombines them and makes energy. Different types of food make different amounts of energy, which are measured in calories. How do scientists figure out the amount of calories in food? In this episode, Bill will reveal the secrets of the bomb calorimeter – an instrument of food science.

If you’re hungry for science, the “Nutrition” episode is food for thought – or thought for food?

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