OnStage In America: HONKY Full Episode

OnStage In America: HONKY Full Episode

Skymax Shoes, an urban company catering to African American kids, decides to use its street cred to sell its products to rich white kids. After a young African American is killed for his pair of trendy Skymax basketball shoes, sales of the shoe triple among well-off white teens. In the wake of the murder, the new white CEO sees only dollar signs and plans to use racial attitudes to sell even more shoes. The black shoe designer blames the company's ghetto-themed ad campaign and vows revenge on its creator. The white copywriter who designed the ad is so tormented by guilt that he seeks help from a therapist who, to his dismay, turns out to be black. Drug firms rush to make a pill for racism, careers are ruined, wedding plans are up-ended, and hypocrisy is unmasked in this satirical view of race relations in contemporary America.

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