Pablo Picasso

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This program presents a biography and visual analysis of Pablo Picasso's major works. In the history of modern art, Pablo Picasso is a nearly mythological figure. Born in Malaga, Picasso was an innovative master of various media and as one of the most prolific artists in history, creating more than 20,000 paintings, sculptures, prints and ceramics using all kinds of materials. First famous for his pioneering role in Cubism, Picasso's art developed with a pace and energy parallel to the sweeping cultural and technological changes of the 20th century. Unlike many artists of his caliber, Picasso was an international celebrity as well as a profoundly influential figure in the art world. His work was exhibited on countless occasions throughout his lifetime, reaching the zenith of artistic recognition with the 1971 exhibition at the Louvre, in Paris, honoring him on his 90th birthday. Until then, the work of living artists had not been shown there.

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