Perfect Stride

Perfect Stride
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"Partner up with a keen and clever horse. A variety of challenging jumps await. The exciting Perfect Stride horse game starts now! You and up to three competitors play skilled riders. Be ready for the unexpected -- sometimes lucky events occur and sometimes trouble comes your way. Collect the most ribbons to win the game!"
The jump course, made up of up to 10 jumps or obstacles is determined by randomly placing (face down) up to 10 Jump cards in a row. The game contains a total of 20 Jump so chances are, your course will be different every time you play.
In Perfect Stride, game play occurs in two phases.
During the "Set the Pace" phase, all players secretly choose the speed at which they move their horse and simultaneously reveal that speed. This determines the order in which the players will attempt the upcoming jump and how many Skill cards they are allowed to draw. Skill cards will be used during the "Jump" phase to successfully clear the newly revealed jump ahead. Rider Jump Order may also affect the outcome of other events which will occur. The rider in the lead receives the Lead Rider Token and jumps first and can gain bonus points for keeping the lead BUT the faster you ride, the fewer Skill cards you draw. The lead rider also reveals the next jump during the next game phase.
Players then draw their Skill cards and the Jump Phase begins. Each rider in Rider Jump Order, makes an attempt to successfully clear the jump ahead by playing skill cards and activating special card functions. In addition, unknown events will occur (from the Event card deck) which will affect a riders attempt. Those that successfully clear the jump win Ribbon Points. The order in which riders clear the jump determines how many ribbon points they win. The Lead Rider Token may change hands many times during the Jump phase and the rider who is in the lead at the end of the Jump phase will gain bonus ribbons.
Perfect Stride is a game with many levels of strategy with just the right amount of luck blended in. How fast should I ride? Who is in the lead? Should I sacrifice my draw to get ahead of other Riders? Should I save specific Skill cards to use later on? When should I take the lead from

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Play Time: 
20 min.
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Small Game Drawer #2