Pollution Solutions

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This episode doesn’t stink, even though it’s about pollution.

Dirty water, land, and air are a result of pollution. People are the only animals on Earth that make pollution. Garbage, burning fuel, chemicals, sewage, oil, and pesticides are all human-made things that make the Earth’s atmosphere, water, and soil unclean.

Humans are even leaving trash in space, such as broken satellites, pieces of metal, paint from rocket skin, and even cameras and toothbrushes. Much of the junk people make and leave behind hurts plants, animals, you and me.

In some places, the Earth is becoming a real mess, and humans are the only ones who can start cleaning it up. Instead of dangerous chemical pesticides, some farmers are getting bats to help keep insects off their crops. Recycling helps lower the amount of garbage that gets buried in landfills. Some companies have reduced the amount of packaging on their products. Humans make pollution, and the amount of pollution depends on the choices people like you and me make. Sometimes, to leave the world better than you found it, you have to clean up other people’s trash.

Be sure to clean up your messes and watch the “Pollution Solutions” episode.

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