Presenting Princess Shaw | Lesson Plan Clips

Presenting Princess Shaw | Lesson Plan Clips
Presenting Princess Shaw | Lesson Plan Clips

“A free culture is one where everyone thinks of themselves as a voice in a huge choir, whose power and beauty comes from its size and diversity—where the many don’t bow to the few and the few aren’t responsible for the many.” 

- A definition embraced by the Free Culture Movement

This lesson will explore creativity and self-expression and the ways online culture has created new forms of artistic expression. Sharing and using online content in creative and new formats raises numerous ethical dilemmas regarding conditions and permissions, making it a ripe topic for classroom conversations. Through the lens of the free culture movement (sometimes identified as the open source movement or remix or hacker culture), students will explore how freely sharing music and other kinds of art on the Internet works with the notion that new art emerges from collaboration and iteration. Specifically, in the example of this film, an original song written and published on YouTube by Samantha “Princess Shaw” Montgomery is built upon by Israeli sound artist Ophir “Kutiman” Kutiel to create something new and different that is then shared and celebrated around the world. 

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