The PS Brothers

The PS Brothers
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Shawn and Russell are crazy about dogs. Russell's read every dog book in the library, and Shawn's already bought a pooper scooper. What they want most is a mean dog - with teeth! - to protect them from being picked on. One day, they stumble upon rottweiler puppies for sale. But the boys don't have money. They don't have jobs. And they don't have any idea how to get jobs or money. Until...

They think up the PS Brothers. P is for poop. S is for scoop. Brothers means that there's no one else in the world these two trust more than each other. They're best friends, and now they're going to scoop their way to making their dream of owning a dog come true. In no time they'll be counting up cash.

But what they aren't counting on is uncovering a crime that can bust apart a dream faster than a dog can sniff out a bone.

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