ReadyFor Breakout Edu Kit

ReadyFor Breakout Edu Kit
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The Breakout EDU kit includes everything you need to play over 350 games created for the classroom environment. The kit includes access to the new BreakoutEdu Platform to be used while using the kit.

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Each kits include the following items...

1 Large Breakout EDU Kit
1 Hasp
1 Alphabet Multilock
1 Directional Multilock
1 three-digit lock
1 four-digit lock
1 key lock
1 UV light
1 Deck of Reflection Cards
1 invisible ink pen
1 small lockable box
1 USB thumb drive
2 Hint cards
3 packs of additional Multilock rings (letters, shapes, numbers)
1 red lens viewer

Play Information
Play Time: 
30 min.
Min. Player: 
Max. Players: 
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