Relativity: Einstein's Special Theory, Part 1

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The Cartesian system of coordinates in three dimensions is used to locate a body in space. Adding time locates a moving body in space-time. The coordinate system is an inertial reference frame. All the laws of physics hold true within each inertial reference frame. Bodies may move in different inertial reference frames. For example, one person stands on a sidewalk while another roller-blades past at a constant speed while throwing a ball forward. The Addition of Velocities for such a roller-blader and ball is useful on Earth, but invalid when moving bodies approach the speed of light. Whether two events occur simultaneously or not depends on the inertial frame of reference of the observer, such as lightning flashes seen by someone in a moving train and someone standing by the railroad track. Each frame of reference has its own particular time. The measurements of time and space depend on the relativity of the observer’s velocity to that which is being measured. Space and time cannot be separated, but form a 4-dimensional space-time.

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