Revenge of the Green Banana

Revenge of the Green Banana
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A red folder with your name on it in BIG LETTERS is not a good sign.

On the first day of sixth grade, Jimmy Murphy is already in trouble. The worst student in the class, he was hoping to make a fresh start, but his new teacher, Sister Angelica Rose, is out to get him. She picks on him, humiliates him in front of his classmates, and makes new entries in the red MURPHY folder. Worst of all, she volunteers Jimmy to preform onstage with a bunch of second graders, wearing a green banana costume.

Jimmy's battered spirit cries out for revenge. He enlists his closest friends to devise a prank that will embarrass Sister Angelica Rose the way she has embarrassed him. Suspense builds while the gang works out a plan and Jimmy rehearses with the second graders. Will the Green Banana remember how to do the box step? Will the prank succeed? And will Jimmy ever manage to make a fresh start?

Jimmy's account of his sixth-grade year is fast-paced, funny, and though-provoking, and makes an encouraging point: It's never too late to change.

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