Roly-Poly Dragon's Egg

Roly-Poly Dragon's Egg
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Kullerei mit Drachenei, or "The Roly-Poly Dragon's Egg", is a blend of racing and dexterity. To set up the game, place the twelve treasures on their designated spaces on the game board, place the dragon's egg upright in its nest, place a pawn for each player on the start of the track, and place one dragon egg card "sleeping side" up next to the game board for each player.

On a turn, a player first rolls the die. If she rolls a number, she advances that many spaces down the path. She can choose to go straight down the path or enter any detour path she wishes; if she reaches a treasure on one of these detour paths, she ends her movement and collects the treasure token. (If she had picked up a token previously, she returns it to its original location on the game board.)

If a player rolls a dragon egg on the die, she flips one of the dragon egg cards to its wakeful side. If all the dragon eggs have been flipped, the player then flicks the dragon egg on the game board. Any pawn knocked over by the egg, including the active player's, is moved back to the location where it last picked up a treasure. If a player has picked up no treasure tokens, it returns to start. The dragon egg cards are then flipped to their sleeping side again; the egg remains on the game board or is returned to the nest, depending on where it landed.

The game ends when a player reaches the dragon's treasure chest at the end of the path. This player wins the game!

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15 min.
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Game Shelf #8