Slopes: That's a Bit Steep!

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Key concepts explained: horizontal and vertical lines, positive and negative slopes, calculating a slope by measuring its rise and run, and calculating a slope by using two points on a coordinate plane.

Our charming guide, uses everyday objects to explore slopes:
1. Flat lines, like the horizon have zero slope. They’re horizontal. Straight up and down lines have no slope. They’re all rise and no run. We say they’re vertical.
2. If a line slopes up to the right, we say it has a positive slope. If it slopes up to the left, we say it’s a negative slope.
3. The slope formula is rise over run. That means, to find a slope I measure the run and the rise, put them in the formula, then divide rise by run.
4. If I can’t measure the run and rise, I can use a grid to help work them out. All I need is the coordinates of 2 points on the line. I can work out the run and the rise from two coordinates

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