Stopping Cyberbullying

Stopping Cyberbullying

With our ever-increasing technological advances in the mobile and Internet spheres, our ability to reach out and contact one another has expanded as well. We're always connected. But because of this, there has come an up tick in cyberbullying among kids and teenagers. Today, bullying can be anonymous and relentless. This volume aims to explain this painful problem that plagues so many young users and offers important guidance for understanding and stopping a cyberbully in their tracks. Simulations in this interactive eBook present users with options when it comes to dealing with a cyberbully in the safe, controlled environment of the eBook. The text teaches users how to collect information about a bully. Interactive sidebars discuss the real-world consequences of cyberbullying. Helpful resources as well as glossary terms defined in context make this resource an essential tool to blocking cyberbullying for good.

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