Tales of Wonder I and II: Traditional Native American Stories for Children

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Replaced VHS copy with this DVD. Tales of Wonder I and II is a two hour enchanting collection of Indian stories and legends handed down from generation to generation. Entertainment for the whole family. 18 stories in all!

Native American Fireside stories are told in the native tradition by acclaimed storyteller and linguist, Gregg Howard and accompanied by Flutist, Nash Hernandez. Talented sketch artist Kathleen Raymond Roan creates drawings as the stories unfold. Included among the stories are:

Tales of Wonder I:

  • Rabbit & the Bear - The value of working together for the good of all
  • Why Rabbit has a Short Tail - The result of playing tricks on others
  • Why Possum's Tail is Bare - When ego gets in the way
  • The Ruby Necklace - An origin story of the first corn
  • Origin of Fire - How nature and humans work together
  • Pleiades and the Pine Tree - Story of six mischievous Indian boys
  • Little Gray Bat - What happens when you lie about who you are
  • Little Turtle - What happens when we try to be someone we're not
  • How Deer Got Antlers - The disgrace of cheating

    Tales of Wonder II:

  • Flying Squirrel - Illustrates the power of believing
  • The Ball Game - The smallest can be the bravest
  • Strawberries - The story of the first man and woman
  • Hawk and the Hunter - A story of the mythical Hawk
  • Daughter of the Sun - The story of the four seasons
  • Democracy - The origin of the United States Constitution
  • Dream Catcher - The story of the Native American cycle of life
  • Origin of the Bluebonnets - The power of a little girls love
  • Sky People - The story of beings that live in the sky
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