The Trouble with May Amelia

The Trouble with May Amelia
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Adam Gustavson

In this sequel to the Newbery Honor Book Our Only May Amelia, May Amelia Jackson is living with her seven brothers on a muddy farm on the banks of the Nasel River in Washington State — and she still can't act the part of a Proper Young Lady. So when her father proclaims that "girls are useless," May Amelia is determined to prove him wrong!

May Amelia is sure she'll finally earn her father's respect when he asks her to translate for a man who is interested in buying the family land and making them rich. But then the deal goes horribly wrong and May Amelia's father thinks it's all her fault! Now May Amelia's going to need a lot of sisu — that's Finnish for "guts" — to make things right again.

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