The United States

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Join Miguel on his exciting adventure across the United States! From the ancient Appalachian Mountains to a swamp called Okeefenokee, from the Grand Canyon to Little Havana, Miguel's journey takes him from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between. Explore the five U.S. regions and the states within them, along with the U.S. territories and commonwealths. Miguel's travels take him to big cities, small towns, farms, factories, deserts, beaches and national landmarks. Using fascinating footage, interviews and fun maps and graphics, "U.S. Geography for Children" explores the history, culture, climate and natural resources of states and regions, along with an examination of the ever-changing relationship between people and their environment.

The United States
All aboard! Next stop...the United States! On this trip, we will travel from coast to coast, exploring mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons and plains as we visit each region of this vast country. We will tour the capital, Washington, D.C., viewing many famous monuments along the National Mall, and travel to historic Philadelphia as we learn about the history of the country. In addition, we will explore the nation's industry, natural resources and culture, especially the diversity of its people. We'll discover how laws are made and passed, and visit with a satellite geographer. We will be traveling by canoe, car, plane, train and even horse-drawn carriage, and will be encountering varied climates, from sub-zero temperatures in Alaska to tropical breezes in Hawaii.

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