U.S. Constitution, Vol. 4: The Constitution in a Changing World; Constitutional Reform and Controversy

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This 8-part series explores how The U.S. Constitution came to be. Program 7: The Constitution in a Changing World1919 - The Supreme Court Limits Free Speech and Freedom of the Press in Schenck v. U.S.1920 – Women Gain the Right to Vote Through the 19th Amendment1933 – 20th and 21st New Deal Amendments Herald a Change in American Life1951 – Americans Limit a President to Two Terms with the 22nd Amendment1954 – Brown v. Board of Education Ends “Separate but Equal” for Black America1961 – Citizens of Washington D.C. Gain the Right to Vote with the 23rd AmendmentProgram 8: Constitutional Reform and Controversy1961 - Supreme Court Prevents Illegal Search and Seizure with Mapp v. Ohio1964 – Warren Court Strengthens “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Through Miranda1964 - 24th Amendment Prohibits Poll Taxes in Federal Elections1967 - 1992 - The 25th, 26th and 27th Amendments Reform America's Political Landscape1973 - Roe v. Wade Extends Constitutional Right of Priv

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