We're In, You're Out: Looking at Cliques

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Finding their niche in a particular social group can be the most important focus in a youngster's life. The idea of being left out or not belonging to a particular group can make kids miserable. This program helps youngsters look at the positive and negative impact of cliques on both individual groups.

Emily is starting a new school. She's anxious about where she'll fit in. After finding a group of kids that share many of the same interests, she feels like she belongs.

Amber, Chloe and Samantha are part of the popular crowd. They look down on kids who do things they consider 'un-cool'. Since Samantha has shown an interest in ballet, something on their 'un-cool' list, they have begun to ridicule her and leave her out of their plans. Eventually, Samantha realizes that pursuing her own dream is more important than fitting in with friends who don't support her.

Derek has two groups of friends with different interests. At first Derek thinks he has to choose between the two groups, but soon discovers that it's ok for him to enjoy his relationships with both sets of friends.

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