Whole Number Exponents (Online Textbook)

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Have you ever designed a tiger cage? Do you know how to use exponents to solve real world problems? Look at what Miguel learned about this very topic.

Miguel is one of the designers at the city zoo where Jonah and Sarah have been spending the summer. He is working on the new tiger habitat. Today while he is working on rebuilding part of the habitat, he has to move Leonard, a beautiful Bengal tiger, to one of the cages. A tiger needs to have a cage that is a specific size so that he can pace and have enough room to not feel confined. If you have ever been to a zoo, you know that tigers LOVE to pace. There are two cages for Miguel to choose from.

  • One has the dimensions 9^3 feet.
  • The other has the dimensions 12^3 feet.

A tiger’s cage in a city zoo should be 1728 cubic feet.

Which cage has the right dimensions? Is there one that will give Leonard more room to roam? How can you compare the sizes of the cages?

In this Concept, you will learn how to use exponents to help Miguel select the correct cage for Leonard. Pay close attention and we will solve this problem at the end of the Concept.

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