Whole Number Multiplication (Online Textbook)

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Have you ever wondered how much fish a seal can eat?

Jonah loves his job, especially because he gets to help feed the seals who live at the zoo. There are 25 female and 18 male seals for a total of 43 seals. One day, Ms. Guttierez, Jonah’s supervisor at the zoo, asked him to help her place the order for the week’s seafood. Jonah began to do some calculations. Each seal eats an average of 11 lbs. of seafood each day. The seafood comes in 25 lb. buckets. Jonah is puzzled. He doesn’t know how much food to order for one week. He doesn’t know how many buckets will be delivered. Jonah needs help.

In this Concept, you will learn how to help Jonah figure out his fish problem. How many pounds of seafood will they need to feed all of the seals for one week?

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