World Anthems

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1. OLYMPIC THEME (John Williams) — 4:11
2. SPAIN Marcha Real — 1:45
3. AUSTRALIA Advance Australia Fair — 0:39
4. POLAND Jeszcze Polska — 1:14
5. BRAZIL Patria Amada, Brasil!
6. DENMARK Kong Christian
7. KENYA Ee Mungu nguvu ye tu (Oh God of All Creation)
8. CANADA O Canada!/Au Canada
9. GREAT BRITAIN God Save the Queen
10. CHINA Ch'i Lai! (Arise!)
11. BELGIUM La Brabançonne
12. FINLAND & ESTONIA Maamme Laulu (Our Land)
13. HUNGARY Isten áldd meg a Magyard (God Bless the Hungarians)
14. NORWAY Ja, vi elsker dette landet
15. GERMANY Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
16. THE CZECH REPUBLIC Kde Domov Muj? (Where is My Home?)
17. UNITED STATES The Star-Spangled Banner
18. GREECE Segnorees Apo Tin Kopsi (I Shall Always Recognize You)
19. THE NETHERLANDS Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
20. JAPAN The Peaceful Reign
21. ISRAEL Hatikvah (The Hope)
22. EGYPT Walla Zaman 'Algunud (Hail, Gallant Troops)
23. FRANCE La Merseillaise
24. ARGENTINA Sean eternos los laurales
25. SWEDEN Du Gamla, Du Fria
26. MEXICO Mexicanos al grito de guerra
27. AUSTRIA Land der Berge
28. LITHUANIA Lietuva
29. ITALY Inno di Mameli

English Chamber Orchestra/Donald Fraser, conductor
Leader: José Luis Garcia

Produced and arranged by Donald Fraser

Recording Engineer: Dick Lewzey
Digital editing & CD-R preparation by Mike Brown, C.T.S. Studios

Recorded on February 26-28, 1992, at C.T.S. Studios, Wembley, Middlesex, England

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