XXL Witches' Kitchen (XXL Hexenkuche)

XXL Witches' Kitchen (XXL Hexenkuche)
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The color game with a jinx! Eye of newt and hair of stoat – what’s cooking in the witches’ kitchen? Four witches are cooking up a magic brew in their large cauldrons – but they all still need seven mushrooms for the potion to work. And there’s a jinx on the mushrooms – the witches will only get them if they match the color on the die. If you match the color under the mushroom, you are one step closer to collecting all seven. If not, you must return the mushroom where it was and remember what color lies beneath. For a more challenging game, spin the mushroom wheel after each turn and see how good your memory really is! This high quality wooden game encourages important basic skills and provides age-appropriate fun for children of all ages.

This is a giant version of the game.

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15 min.
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