You, Your Body and Puberty

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Join Tyler, Vanessa, Sam and Michelle, four friends who have been buddies since kindergarten, as they begin to observe and understand puberty. These boys and girls notice changes in themselves and each other--physical changes, emotional changes and changes in how they react to one another. In school, their health teacher, Mr. Saulson, leads them in their study of puberty. This program presents a gentle, curriculum-based introduction to puberty. The remarkable journey from child to adult is biological, physical and emotional. It is exciting and sometimes confusing to grow up. Viewers will learn what is "normal" for boys and girls at puberty: the biological facts of physical maturation; the timeline for growth for both sexes; the normal feelings of self-consciousness; the need for good personal hygiene; why mood swings happen; and, preparation of the body for human sexuality and reproduction. Research has unequivocally demonstrated that children who are well-prepared for puberty make the healthiest transitions to adulthood.

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