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Splash! And Eddi Elephant lands in the water. The other animals giggle and guffaw. Manni Mouse is doubling over with laughter. He knew that there wouldn’t be enough room on the raft! Every year, the animals go on a rafting tour on the wild river, and nobody wants to miss out on the fun. But will there be enough room for all?
At the start of each round, players lay out ten Animal cards around one raft. Each player has two chits, Yes and No, and they secretly vote on whether they think all ten animals will fit on the raft. If all players say "Yes," then another animal card is drawn and players vote again. If some players vote "Yes" while others vote "No," then those players who voted "Yes" flip over the sand timer and work as a team to try to fit all of the animals on the raft. The players of whichever team guessed correctly win some points depending on the round, and whoever has the most points after six rounds wins.

Play Information
Play Time: 
20 min.
Min. Player: 
Max. Players: 
Curricular Information
Game Shelf #8