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Career Connections | Restaurant Management

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In this video viewers will learn why having knowledge and competence in customer service, world languages, fine arts, and financial literacy are critical for a restaurant manager.

Story and a Song/Historia y una canción | A World of Stories

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A song and a story take revenge when the woman in this folktale no longer shares them. By transforming into men’s clothing, the song and story make her jealous husband angry until he listens to the truth. Story told in Spanish and English.

This resource is part of the KET A World of Stories and Exploraciones collections.

Entremundanos: Casa Aboy

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Reseña histórica de la Casa Aboy desde su construcción hasta convertirse en una galería fotográfica. La Casa Aboy es una de las pocas estructuras que aún se conservan y que son representativas de los comienzos de la arquitectura moderna en Puerto Rico. Ella guarda, desde su construcción hasta nuestros tiempos, parte de la historia cultural y arquitectónica del país.

This is a historical report about the Aboy House, from its construction until it was converted into a photographic gallery. The Aboy House is one of the few structures that still keeps and represents the beginnings of modern architecture in Puerto Rico. The House saves, since the construction until the present, part of the country's cultural and architectural history.

Career Connections | Culinary Chef

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Explore the exciting world of culinary chefs. Viewers will learn about the variety of skills needed to be successful in this dynamic career, from world languages and the fine arts to knowledge of math and science.

Thomas Marvel - Conferenciante Humanista del año 2010

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Arquitecto y educador innato, Thomas Marvel, dedicó su quehacer vital a la conservación y rehabilitación del patrimonio edificado de la isla, el urbanismo, la docencia, la investigación, la escritura, y al estudio de la historia de nuestra arquitectura.

ReadyFor Breakout Edu Kit

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The Breakout EDU kit includes everything you need to play over 350 games created for the classroom environment. The kit includes access to the new BreakoutEdu Platform to be used while using the kit.

Grade Level: 
Content Area: 
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Computer Science
Special Education
Family/Consumer Science
Play Time: 
30 min.
ReadyFor Breakout Edu Kit