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The Story of Math: Disc 1 (2008)

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MATHEMATICS FORMS the foundation for nearly everything we do--from finance to physics, and architecture to astronomy. Math not only describes our world, but also reveals its beauty and mystery.

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The Story of Math: Disc 1

Career Connections | Art Auctioneer

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Art auctioneers price and sell a wide variety of items. They usually work at an auction house and lead the bidding for live auctions.

Ancient Math & Music

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Explore how Pythagoras and Plato found mathematics in music and nature in this video from NOVA: The Great Math Mystery. The ancient Greeks identified three pleasing musical intervals: an octave, a fifth, and a fourth. Pythagoras discovered that the beautiful musical relationship between the notes was also a mathematical relationship: the harmonious sounds are produced by vibrating strings with particular ratios of string length. Plato believed geometry and mathematics exist in their own ideal world and that certain shapes (now known as the Platonic solids) were associated with the classical elements from which the world was made: earth, fire, air, water, and the universe.

Descartes and Cartesian Coordinate System | Genius by Stephen Hawking

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Descartes discovered a lot about the dimensions of length, width, and height without leaving his room. Learn more about these three dimensions and how we use them in this excerpted clip from Genius by Stephen Hawking.