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The Girls

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Maya thought she had the greatest friends in the world. But suddenly, BAM!, she's out of the group, with no idea of why her friends have dropped her. The listener will find out, though, as the story of why Maya has been shunned unfolds through five skillfully intertwined, sometimes scorching, first person narratives.

With uncanny precision and unsparing accuracy, Amy Goldman Koss explores the world of middle school cliques, and exposes the "mean girl" phenomenon in this insightful look at the real world behind the headlines.

Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon (Unabridged)

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Amber Brown and Justin Daniels are best friends. They sit next to each other in school, help each other with fractions and spelling, and always stick up for one another. But when Justin finds out that he is moving away, everything begins to change.

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Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon (Unabridged)