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World Anthems

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1. OLYMPIC THEME (John Williams) — 4:11
2. SPAIN Marcha Real — 1:45
3. AUSTRALIA Advance Australia Fair — 0:39
4. POLAND Jeszcze Polska — 1:14
5. BRAZIL Patria Amada, Brasil!
6. DENMARK Kong Christian
7. KENYA Ee Mungu nguvu ye tu (Oh God of All Creation)
8. CANADA O Canada!/Au Canada
9. GREAT BRITAIN God Save the Queen
10. CHINA Ch'i Lai! (Arise!)

Songs of Peace and Joy

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Inspirational Music for All Seasons by Teresa and Paul Jennings

Full performance, then accompaniment tracks only for each piece

1.2. Light the Candles All Around the World
3.5. A Time for Peace
4. A Time for Peace (w/ solo)
6.7. Today is the Day!
8.9. Friends are Like Diamonds
10.11. This Little Light of Mine
12.13. Sing Of Joy!
14.15. Where is The Peace?
16.17. Dona Nobis Pacem
18.19. An Old Irish Blessing

Find the teacher's guide with sheet music here: Songs of Peace and Joy Handbook

Great Performances Aaron Copland

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1.   Very Slowly (2:42)
2.   Allegro (2:42)
3.   Moderato (3:52)
4.   Fast (3:35)
5.   Subito allegro (3:44)
6.   As at first (Slowly) (1:15)
7. Doppio movimento (Shaker melody "The Gift to be SImple") (6:46)
9.   EL SALON MEXICO (10:56)
10. DANZON CUBANO (6:46)

Leonard Bernstein - New York Philharmonic

Great Performances George Gershwin

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1.   Rhapsody in Blue (16:26)
       Columbia Symphony Orchestra
       Leonard Bernstein, Piano

2.   An American in Paris (18:22)
       New York Philharmonic

New Arts for Old: Medieval Music 1100-1480

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Explore the early domination of Gregorian chant, the flowering of love poetry in France, and much more. The liberal use of musical examples helps to convey the extrovert boldness and excitement of Medieval music. Hosted by Dr. Christopher Page, the founder and director of Gothic Voices, the first professional vocal ensemble to specialize in Medieval secular music.

Music Credits

Musick's Feaste: Music of the Renaissance 1480-1600

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Follow the musical renaissance in Europe and England, tracing the spread of the Flemish School through France to Italy. Hosted by Anthony Rooley, Director of the Consort of Musicke and founder of the Early Music Centre in London.


Traditional World Music

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Journey around the world on a musical exploration of geography, culture, and history through a variety of regions. Covering details of 14 countries, each chapter of the book describes the musical history, influences, instruments, and performance details. The descriptive analysis of each musical piece includes information from regions as diverse as the Andes, Spain, India, Tibet, Egypt, and others.