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World Anthems

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1. OLYMPIC THEME (John Williams) — 4:11
2. SPAIN Marcha Real — 1:45
3. AUSTRALIA Advance Australia Fair — 0:39
4. POLAND Jeszcze Polska — 1:14
5. BRAZIL Patria Amada, Brasil!
6. DENMARK Kong Christian
7. KENYA Ee Mungu nguvu ye tu (Oh God of All Creation)
8. CANADA O Canada!/Au Canada
9. GREAT BRITAIN God Save the Queen
10. CHINA Ch'i Lai! (Arise!)

A Jug of This: An Introduction to English Folk Music

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Folk songs have served as an illustration and illumination of social history. Here, these songs explore love, marriage, and affairs. Hosted by Roy Palmer, co-editor of Folk Music in Schools. He has compiled numerous anthologies of folk songs and street ballads.