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Lola en la biblioteca (Spanish)


School Library Journal - July 1, 2006 Lola loves Tuesdays because that is the day she and her mother go to the library. Everything about the trip is an exciting adventure -- from packing her backpack with books and her all-important library card, to storytimes and singing, to choosing new books and the walk home, when they always stop for a special treat. But the best time of all is when Mommy reads her story at bedtime. Simple text and large, bright acrylic illustrations of this engaging African-American child makes this selection just right for sharing.

Nuestra California (Spanish)


La premiada autora Pam Munoz Ryan celebra las maravillas de su tierra natal. Alegres poemas introducen las ciudades y regiones más grandes de California.

Cuenta con el béisbol (Spanish)


In Spanish!! Step up to the plate with this counting book about America's favorite pastime. The Baseball Counting Book is spring training for little sluggers. The count is zero to zero when the ump calls, "Play ball!" Nine innings later we've counted balls, strikes, players, fans, and more, all the way to twenty. No one strikes out with these fun rhymes. Little leaguers will find themselves counting their way through practice and pointing out all the new things they've learned about this great game when they watch the pro's on TV or at the parks.

Ves el circo. Yo veo... (Spanish)


In Spanish!

A young acrobat shows his friends around the big top, but all is not as it seems. His uncle, the strongman, always manages to lose their wrestling matches. The scary-looking tattooed man is a regular Joe who likes to pull funny practical jokes. And the daring trapeze artists make their son do homework just like everyday parents! Lively watercolors capture the excitement of the circus and the coziness of home.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi


When Sir Cumference drinks a potion which turns him into a dragon, his son Radius searches for the magic number known as pi which will restore him to his former shape.

Keywords: king, heir, geometry, math, quest, puzzles, dragon

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table


What would you do if the neighboring kingdom were threatening war? Naturally, you'd call your strongest and bravest knights together to come up with a solution. But when your conference table causes more problems than the threat of your enemy, you need expert help. Enter Sir Cumference, his wife Lady Di of Ameter, and their son Radius. With the help of the carpenter, Geo of Metry, this sharp-minded team designs the perfect table conducive to discussing the perfect peace plan. Thanks to Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, even the most hesitant will be romancing math.

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland


On a quest to earn his knighthood, Radius uses different geometry concepts to find and rescue a missing king.

Keywords: king, heir, geometry, math, quest, puzzles, knight

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone


King Arthur has issued a challenge. The first knight to find the sword, Edgecalibur, will be the next king. Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and Radius help their friend, Vertex, find the sword.

Keywords: king, heir, geometry, math, quest, puzzles

Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter


When young Per visits her uncle Sir Cumference, aunt Lady Di of Ameter, and her cousin Radius, they teach her how to play Inners and Edges. After Per finds a clue linking the game to the mysterious castle of the Countess Areana, she and Radius sail to the island of Immeter. There, they have to decipher cryptic clues while avoiding a sea serpent. To unlock the island's secret, Per has to figure out how to find the perimeter and area of a circle. Only then can she become Per of Immeter.

What's Your Angle, Pythagoras?


Young Pythagoras can't seem to stay out of trouble. Every time he tries to help, people get angry. What's a curious kid to do?

On a trip to Egypt, Pythagoras' curiosity helps him discover the secret of the right triangle. A clever introduction to the Pythagorean Theorem.

Once Upon a Dime


For organic farmer Truman Worth, money does grow on trees. Readers calculate the changing value of his crop.

Pythagoras and the Ratios


Pythagoras and his cousins want to win a music contest, but first they must figure out how to play their instruments in tune, something that's never been done before.

While trying to fix the problem, Pythagoras makes an important discovery--notes that sound pleasant together have a certain mathematical relationship. When Pythagoras applies this ratio to his cousins' pipes and lyres, the result is music to the ears.

The Coin Counting Book


Twenty-five pennies, four dimes, two nickels, and one quarter… hmm…

A pocketful of coins! Who can make heads or tails of it? YOU can with The Coin Counting Book. Change just adds up with this bankable book illustrated with real money. Counting, adding, and identifying American currency from one penny to one dollar is exciting and easy. When you have counted all your money, you can decide to save it or spend it.

Domino Addition


It's time to spread out your dominoes and learn how to add! Learning to add is fun when you use dominoes. This bold, colorful counting book shows you how.

First learn how to use simple addition to find the total number of dots, from zero to twelve, on each domino. Then see if you can find the dominoes with each total hidden in the pictures. With a simple but imaginative approach, Lynette Long has created a fun-filled counting book sure to appeal to even the most reluctant math students.

Very Improbable Story, A


Ethan wakes up one morning to find a very strange cat stuck on his head. The cat, Odds, refuses to budge until Ethan wins a game of probability. Without looking, Ethan must pick out a dime from his coin collection or two matching socks from his dresser, or do something else improbable. If he doesn't, Odds is there to stay, and Ethan has a 100% chance of missing his big soccer game.