Documenting America (X) - Ebook (X)

From democracy's roots to a country divided


Details American history between 1816 and 1860, describing the major events that occurred during this period. Focuses on the debate and events that caused many of the tensions before the Civil War and discusses how they contributed to this conflict.

From Columbus to colonial America, 1492 to 1763


Traces the history of America from Columbus' discovery in 1492 to the Colonial Period and discusses the leading citizens of the time periods, the Puritans, the Quakers, and the Frontier. Provides information about the political and economic growth, increased population, cultural and religious development, and the impending war with the British Empire. Describes the alliances between the Native Americans and the European governments and the increasing encroachment that led to Indian resistance. Includes an index, a glossary, illustrations, and maps.

The American Revolution and the young Republic, 1763 to 1816


Charts the history of the United States between 1763 and 1816, detailing the major events that guided the nation's development during this time. Spotlights primary source documents from the period and the purpose for which they were written. Includes a glossary and bibliography.

The American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850 to 1890


Draws from primary source documents to examine events leading up to the Civil War, the secession and the war itself, and the Reconstruction period. Includes a glossary, illustrations, and an appendix of primary source documents.