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David et le salon funéraire (French)


David n’a pas peur des cimetières. Il sait que les morts sont enfermés dans les cercueils. Ils ne peuvent pas sortir. Mais ce soir, David a peur. Il doit accompagner son père au salon funéraire. Et si le mort se réveillait ? Et si son cauchemar devenait vrai ? Cette fois, David n’affrontera pas ses terreurs tout seul. Avec sa jeune cousine, il trouvera le courage de participer à cette réunion de famille un peu particulière…

Alex, le petit joueur de hockey (French)


En jouant dans la ruelle, dans la baignoire, ou avec des boîtes de céréales, Alex marque plus de cent buts par jour ! Mais pour devenir le plus grand joueur de hockey du monde, il lui manque un petit quelque chose… (Niveau 3)

Vieux Thomas et la petite fée (French)


Vieux Thomas était en colère contre le monde entier. Un soir qu'il arpentait la plage en lançant des injures aux étoiles et aux vagues, il découvrit une fillette minuscule échouée sur le sable...

Drôle de papa (French)


Papa peut être un dinosaure, un extraterrestre ou même un fantôme... mais pour les enfants, c'est toujours le meilleur papa du monde !

Bambou (French)


Aujourd'hui, c'est l'anniversaire de Jeanne. Son papa lui apporte un très beau cadeau. C'est un petit humain nommé Bambou!!! . . .

My Even Day


In this delightful, rhythmic sequel to One Odd Day, the young boy awakens to find that it is another strange day—now everything is even, and his mother has two heads! This time, a school field trip to the zoo is dealt with in an odd, but even-handed manner. And, like its predecessor, children will spend hours looking for all the hidden objects in the incredible art.

One Odd Day


One Odd Day tells the humorous story of a young child who awakens to find everything around him is “odd.” He has three sleeves on his shirt, and his dog has five legs. Things are no better at school either when he stares at a calendar with only odd days. Will his odd day end when he goes to bed that night?

One Is a Drummer: A Book of Numbers


This lively concept book shows that the world around us is filled with things to count. Three are the dim sum carts filled with yummy treats, eight are the candles on a birthday cake, and ten are the bamboo stalks growing in a garden. Many of the featured objects are Asian in origin, but all are universal in appeal. With brilliantly colored illustrations, an ear-pleasing text and an informative glossary, this truly multicultural book will make counting a fun part of every child's day!

Counting Coconuts


Monkey has gathered a huge pile of tasty coconuts. Before he can enjoy them he must count them. He discovers counting in sets is the fastest way to complete the task.

Keywords: rainforest, animals, habitats, numbers

Counting by 2s Poem


This TumbleMath poem teaches students how to count by 2s using multiplication strategies, thereby identifying even numbers. This will help build a foundation for skip-counting with higher numbers.

Hide and Seek


Numbers 1 and 2 want to play a game of Hide and Seek! Help them count to 100!

Counting Envelopes


Numbers 1 & 2 count and compare the number of envelopes they each have. Find out who has more!

Monster Mash (MS)


Dancing monsters and prancing goblins jump off the page in this funky counting book by designer Mimi Maxwell. Children of all ages will delight in identifying and adding the monsters that darken each successive page. The charming rhymes, coupled with the positive message that monsters in the night aren't so scary after all, makes this a book that will transcend the Halloween season.

Keywords: Halloween, monsters, rhyming, counting, scared

One Duck Stuck (MS)


One duck is stuck in the muck. Can two fish, tails going swish, help? What about three moose, munching on spruce? Will four crickets, chirping in the thickets, be able to pull the unlucky duck out of the muck? With bright, spirited illustrations by Jane Chapman, this counting tale by Phyllis Root is a feast of sounds and numbers that will have young listeners scrambling to join the slippy, sloppy fun.

Keywords: duck, numbers, rhyming, wildlife, animals

I.Q., It's Time (MS)


It’s time for another I.Q. adventure.

I.Q.’s class is going to have a busy day. Not only do the students have to do all of their regular work, but they have to prepare the classroom for Parents’ Night!