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Nanotechnology. An Introduction (2007)

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This program begins with an explanation of nanotechnology, and then demonstrates micrometers and nanometers. Viewers will also examine the special properties of nanoparticles, the gecko effect, carbon nanotubes, surface energy; hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces as well as the lotus effect.

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Nanotechnology. An Introduction

Which Comes First, Hydrogen-Powered Cars or the Fueling Stations?

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Learn about the cars of tomorrow and hydrogen power with this PBS NewsHour video and educational resource from May 21, 2014. After spending more than a decade and billions of dollars on developing zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, carmakers are planning to release their models in California. But despite the state’s large demand for cars and tough air quality standards, California lacks a network of fueling stations.

Commercial Space Exploration

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In this the.News segment, Antonio Neves reports on the Phezu Space Company, a privately-held outer space repair shop, to address the pros and cons of commercialized space exploration. He addresses what space exploration stands to gain, as well as the possible dangers of the privatization of space exploration.