The Game Library

The School Library System of the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership created the Game Library in 2007 to provide additional resources to support library and classroom instruction. Christopher Harris, Director of the School Library System, served as a school library representative on the national expert panel for a 2008 gaming program through the American Library Association funded by Verizon. In 2010, Harris and SLS team member Brian Mayer published a book detailing some of the key points of success for the Game Library; Libraries Got Game: Aligned Learning Through Modern Board Games (ALA Editions, 2010). Recognized experts in the field, Harris and Mayer have written numerous articles on gaming in schools and libraries and presented at state and national conferences on the topic.

The Game Library does not collect what one might think of as "educational games", all of the games in our library are popular games available in the general market. It just happens that the quality of the games supports their being linked to state and national curriculum standards including the new Common Core State Standards. Based on research about gaming, we strongly believe that games are an important part of development. They provide a learning environment that presents a variety of new challenges, supports creative problem solving, and provides support for overcoming failure. As learning centers that provide a variety of instructional, informational, and entertaining resources for schools, it is only natural that libraries also provide games. The Game Library contains more than 200 curriculum aligned modern board games. Staff can also provide professional development support to help librarians and students learn how to play the games or to help them set up a gaming program that is appropriate for their libraries.

You can browse the library to find games to match your instructional goals, or feel free to contact either Christopher Harris ( or Brian Mayer ( for help in finding the right game for your library or classroom.