ReadyFor Game Resources

Mystery Garden
Players: 2-6 | Time: 20 min. | Grades: Primary, Elementary

One player takes a card on which a picture is displayed which is also on the game board. The next player may ask one question which can only be answered with yes or no. In clockwise order the next player may ask a question and so on...
Whether the answer to the question is yes or no, the playing-figure moves up one space in the direction of the castle. There are 15 spaces between the gate in front of the garden and the castle, so also 15 quest-ons that can be asked at maximum. It's forbidden to ask a question about the location of the...

Players: 3-6 | Time: 90 min. | Grades: Middle, High

This Sid Sackson classic has taken many different forms over the years depending on the publisher. Each player strategically invests in businesses, trying to retain a majority of stock. As the businesses grow with tile placements, they also start merging, giving the majority stockholders of the acquired business sizable bonuses, which can then be used to reinvest into other chains. All of the investors in the acquired company can then cash in their stocks for current value or trade them 2-for-1 for shares of the newer, larger business. The...

Players: 2-8 | Time: 90 min. | Grades: High

Take total control of your car by the innovative move game rule! Work out the best routes along the track and push you car at the speed you want, racing opponents and making breathtaking overtakings or extreme brakings!
But make sure you preserve your engine and tires for the last part of the race! Move on to the advanced level! Besides your driving skills, you will have to demonstrate your strategic abilities by choosing the best tires, by deciding between pit stop tactics or long race ones and by identifying the optimum set-up to...

Chicago Express
Players: 2-6 | Time: 60 min. | Grades: Middle, High

America's industrial boom would have been unthinkable without the railroads. It was only possible to open up this huge country by transporting the necessary materials over long distances. The industrial development of North America is therefore synonymous with the expansion of the railroad networks of individual companies, many of which were founded at the time with the help of investors who put up the necessary capital. The players try to make as much profit as possible at the end of the 19th century in America by buying shares in thriving...

Power Grid
Players: 2-6 | Time: 90 min. | Grades: High

Earning money with electric power? Earning lots of money with electric power? A very good idea!!! Should I use coal or oil to generate power in the old-fashioned way or will their be a shortage of those resources in the future? Will there be a future in burning garbage? Certainly nuclear power is very exciting and as long as the government will manage the waste there will be a lot of profit.
Of course, you can use more ecological friendly power and be independent of resources. But will such power plants be powerful enough for the...

Black Friday
Players: 2-5 | Time: 60 min. | Grades: High

When you invest in the stock exchange, you want to buy low and sell high! But it does not always go that way, so sometimes you will need subsidies from the government to keep investing. To keep the stocks you have acquired on the rise, you must convince other players they have value so they will buy those stocks and keep your profits soaring.
Now the signs suddenly show that there could be a coming burst. You must decide quickly if the signs are right and sell your holdings or wait a bit longer for them to rise further and increase...

Players: 2-8 | Time: 45 min. | Grades: Middle, High

As one of several supercomputers in a fully automated widget factory, you have it made.
You are brilliant.
Your are powerful.
You are sophisticated.
You are BORED.
Time to enjoy a little fun at the factory's expense! With the other computers, program factory robots and pit them against each other in frantic, destructive races across the factory floors. Be the first to touch the flags, in order, and you win it all: the honor, the glory, the grudging respect of the other...