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Rise Up: The Game of People & Power
Players: 2-5 | Time: 60 min. | Grades: Middle, High

Lead a march of thousands of people. Write a protest song that goes viral. Fight for what you believe in. Rise Up is a cooperative board game about building people power and taking on oppressive systems to create change. In Rise Up, the game weaves a story about your movement, which can either be based in reality (like stopping an oil pipeline) or fictional (like fighting for dragon rights). But “the System” is hard at work too, maneuvering to crush your efforts through tactics like setting up surveillance, making arrests, or causing...

New York Slice
Players: 2-6 | Time: 30 min. | Grades: Middle, High

In New York Slice, each player slices pizzas into portions, giving their opponents first choice, while they take the leftovers. There are a dozen kinds of pizza to work with, from veggie to hawaiian to meat lover's, and each player decides if they want to eat or keep some of the slices, building the best collection of pizzas possible!

Each time a player slices a pizza, there's a different special to go along with it, whether it's allocated to one of the portions or placed on its own. Specials provide the player with special powers or...

Pack O Games Set 2
Players: 2-4 | Time: 20 min. | Grades: Middle, High
Pack O Game is a series of small card games with a surprising amount of gameplay, strategy and fun. Each game is unique in theme, mechanics and complexity, with 30 cards (1 inch by 3 inch) in a tuck box the size of a pack of gum. SET 2 is about short, middle-weight games for gamers and people looking for more depth and interesting gameplay. Included are 10 games:
  • Gym: Unique Team “Picking" (just like those gym class days!) with interesting strategy and manipulation during the event playing phase.
  • Rum:...
  • Bloxels (Single Set)

    Bloxels helps kids achieve their nearly universal desire to create video games (seriously, just ask any kid), rather than just playing them. By using the unique combination of hands-on toys and their love and understanding of classic video games, we've made video game creation accessible and fun for all ages. With Bloxels, you are the artist, the game designer, the storyteller, the programer, the publisher and the player. You are the 13-bit Builder.
    When you build a game with Bloxels you get to do it all. It starts by designing the...

    Captain Sonar
    Players: 6-8 | Time: 60 min. | Grades: Middle, High

    At the bottom of the ocean, no one will hear you scream!

    In Captain Sonar, you and your teammates control a state-of-the-art submarine and are trying to locate an enemy submarine in order to blow it out of the water before they can do the same to you. Every role is important, and the confrontation is merciless. Be organized and communicate because a captain is nothing without his crew: the Chief Mate, the Radio Operator, and the Engineer.

    All the members of a team sit on one side of the table, and they each take a particular...

    High Frontier
    Players: 1-5 | Time: 180 min. | Grades: High

    Players represent space-faring factions of Earth. These factions bid for patents in the form of space technology cards and boost them into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). These are then assembled into rockets and their cargoes. Once fueled with water tanks (WTs), these rockets fly to promising industrial and science sites (planets, asteroids, etc.). If prospecting succeeds, a claim is made. A claim can be upgraded to a factory to produce useful new technologies. By extracting water from a site, a rocket can refuel (WTs are used both as rocket...

    4 Way Countdown
    Players: 1-4 | Time: 15 min. | Grades: Primary, Elementary

    Players compete to achieve all numbers from 1 through 10 using 2 dice and simple math. Score is marked with wooden pegs that are flipped when a number is achieved. Basically a four player version of Shut the Box. But it includes some variation. Players may not use the two dice as separate numbers to flip two pegs. Instead they use the two numbers with a basic math operand to create a single number to choose a peg.

    Example: Dice roll 2 and 6 yields
    2 + 6 = 8 6 – 2 = 4 6 ÷ 2 = 3
    There are only 10 pegs so 6 x 2 = 12 is out...

    Duck Puzzle
    Players: 1-1 | Time: 5 min. | Grades: Primary

    A layered puzzle that shows the life cycle of a duck.

    Banana Puzzle
    Players: 1-1 | Time: 5 min. | Grades: Primary

    A layered puzzle that shows the growth cycle of a banana

    Frog Puzzle
    Players: 1-1 | Time: 5 min. | Grades: Primary

    A layered puzzle that shows the life cycle of a frog.