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Players: 2-10 | Time: 10 min. | Grades: Middle, High

Littlecodr is an insanely fun card game that introduces code to kids ages 4 and up. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, this game is now introducing coding and computer programming concepts to kids all across the world. Using simple action cards, kids get to program their parents or friends to do crazy things while they learn concepts like coding and logic, linear thinking, prototyping and debugging.

Snake Oil
Players: 3-10 | Time: 30 min. | Grades: Middle, High

In the Old West, the wily snake oil salesman had a special talent, getting the most skeptical customers to buy the most dubious products. Now it's your turn! Invent your own zany two-word products – Rumor Mirror! Burp Balloon! – and sell them to all types of wacky customers. If the round's customer buys your product, you win!

To set up Snake Oil, each player takes six purple word cards. The customer for the round draws a customer card and announces it. Inventors quickly combine two purple word cards from their hand to form a crazy...

Escape Room: the game
Players: 3-5 | Time: 60 min. | Grades: Middle, High

ake the viral social experience of Escape Rooms to the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost that you would pay! Included in this game are 4 unique 60 minute escape room puzzles that will test your cranial skills. Use images, gears, words, keys, shapes, maps and more to solve the three stages within each escape room. An analog timer on the Chrono Decoder centerpiece incessantly counts down, emitting ominous noises to create an environment shut out from the outside world. If the puzzles stump you for too long, slide a hint...

Escape the Room: Secret of Dr. Gravely's Retreat
Players: 2-4 | Time: 90 min. | Grades: Middle, High

Escape the Room games began as digital adventures and quickly turned into real-life events all around the world where players are locked in a room and must uncover clues and hidden objects to escape. ThinkFun’s version of Escape the Room allows you to bring all the excitement of these experiences into your very own home!

The Mystery:
The year is 1913 and you are the lucky winner of a free stay at Foxcrest Retreat, where the famed Dr. Gravely has improved upon the latest in spa treatments and relaxation for those of high social...

XXL Witch's Brew
Players: 2-4 | Time: 15 min. | Grades: Primary

The color game with a jinx! Eye of newt and hair of stoat – what’s cooking in the witches’ kitchen? Four witches are cooking up a magic brew in their large cauldrons – but they all still need seven mushrooms for the potion to work. And there’s a jinx on the mushrooms – the witches will only get them if they match the color on the die. If you match the color under the mushroom, you are one step closer to collecting all seven. If not, you must return the mushroom where it was and remember what color lies beneath. For a more challenging game,...

Tiny Polka Dot
Players: 1-6 | Time: 15 min. | Grades: Primary

Tiny Polka Dot cards come in six suits, each with eleven cards representing the numbers from 0 to 10. Each suit uses a different representation. These are Ten Frames, Big and Little Dots, Circles, Doubles Plus One, Numerals, and Dice Patterns. Tiny Polka Dot comes with 12 different games, designed to support kids as they develop flexibility, competence, and a love of numbers.

Find Monty
Players: 2-5 | Time: 10 min. | Grades: Primary

In the game box you will find a large green wooden bed, a red blanket, a small blue pillows, a game pad with carpet and the cheeky cat Monty. In the photo cards you can see where Monty is hiding - on the bed, under the bed, next to the pillow. In turn kid takes the photo card and must reconstruct the scene like seen on the card to score a point. Player with the most points scored if the deck is exhausted is the winner.

Doodle Monster
Players: 2-4 | Time: 10 min. | Grades: Primary, Elementary

The young dragon Julius and his friends find a mysterious book in the castle library. It tells them about the strange Doodle Monsters… What might these monsters look like? The children draw them, imitating the monsters on the cards, and they can also use their own creativity.

PIzza Fiesta
Players: 2-4 | Time: 10 min. | Grades:

The aim of this game is to top your pizza base with all the right ingredients first – or to collect four pizza cards as quickly as possible.

Players: 2-4 | Time: 10 min. | Grades: Primary

One after another, you sense the dragons based on the number of spikes and let them come out of the bag. The dice decides on which dragon must be found. For each correct attempt you receive a flint stone. Using considerable concentration and sensitivity, you can be the first to win five flint stones.