In this video segment from Cyberchase, Bianca injures her ankle while skateboarding and is confined to her bed. She has trouble reaching a few objects from her bed until her friend gives her a device made up of collapsible parallelograms. Bianca finds that by adjusting the parallelograms, she can now extend her reach.

Lily Pad Escape

In this video segment from Cyberchase, the CyberSquad is trying to escape from a desert island by crossing a large body of water. They find a special lily pad that was left for them by the Red Warrior. When the lily pad is put in water it doubles and the number of lily pads keeps on doubling. The CyberSquad tries to use this doubling effect to help them create a lily pad bridge to cross the water and escape.

The Measurement Debate

In this video segment from Cyberchase, celebrity twin sisters are arguing over whose square is bigger on the Gollywood Walk of Fame. When they each measured a side of their individual squares, they got different lengths. The CyberSquad helps them resolve their dispute.

Time Management

In this video segment from TV411, Ruby’s mother is unhappy with Ruby’s grades at school. Ruby claims that she is very busy and has many different activities, so she doesn't have much time for her homework. To help make sure she has more time for studying, Ruby and her mother work together to create a weekly schedule.

Scaling Up Photographs

In this video segment from Cyberchase, Bianca takes on a new job in a print shop. Her first assignment is to enlarge a photograph of the King of Sloovoonia. The enlargement is supposed to be a life-size image of the six-foot tall king. Working with percentages, Bianca makes a few failed attempts before she finally creates an enlargement that is the proper height and width.

Points of Origin

This animation from KET illustrates how an origin is used for positive and negative measurement along a straight line and on a flat plane. It also shows how an origin, latitude, and longitude identify locations on Earth and explores how measuring temperature differs from measuring height or weight.

Calculating Speed

In this video segment from Cyberchase, the CyberSquad has to find out exactly how fast each of Wicked’s three brooms can go. They set out to calculate the speed per second of each broom using the data they have from their speed tests over a period of five seconds.

Lifting with Levers

In this video segment from Cyberchase, Jackie, Matt, and Inez try to move a stack of slabs blocking a doorway. They decide to use a long board as a lever, but they soon realize they need a longer board in order to move the heavy slabs. The problem is that they are not sure exactly how long the lever should be. Since they do not have the time to try out levers of varying lengths, Inez decides to construct a scale model. While testing their model levers, they learn about the relationship between the length of a lever and its lifting capability.

Using Data Clusters to Find Hacker | Cyberchase

In this video segment from Cyberchase, Hacker has kidnapped Dr. Marbles and the CyberSquad is out to rescue him. Hacker has Dr. Marbles hidden somewhere in a castle in Castleblanca. The CyberSquad surveys the residents to try to find out where Hacker has been seen. They display their findings on a map so they can analyze their data and find Hacker. Upon displaying their data the CyberSquad realizes they all conducted the survey differently. They then re-conduct the survey in the same manner and combine the old and new results to find Hacker.

Island of the Little | Cyberchase

In this video segment from Cyberchase, the CyberSquad needs to build a boat for Widgit that is twice the size of a boat that belongs to Hank. The CyberSquad finds the correct measurements for the boat by using Hank’s belt as a measuring tool.