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History Plunge

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There are numerous games in every box of HistoryPlunge that can be customized for ages 8 – 108. Learn about the U.S. Presidents, important events in history, and notable people that shaped history. The game covers events from 1492 all the way up to the picture of the black hole.

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Social Studies
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20 min.
History Plunge

The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins

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Can you fathom a time when no one knew what a dinosaur was?That was true in the mid-nineteenth century, until a Victorian artist named Waterhouse Hawkins brought these ancient animals to life for all to see. Originally in his native England, and later in New York City, he devoted more than three decades to building the first life-size models of dinosaurs, and he dazzled the world with his awe-inspiring creations.