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American Carrom, attributed to American Sunday school teacher Henry Haskell, is a derivative of Carrom. American Carrom differs from Carrom in the board construction, particularly the larger size of the pockets and the striker (shooter) being the same size as the other pieces. American Carrom can also be played with a cue, and the board is patterned with checkers, chess or other board motifs, allowing a variety of other games to be played. Many American Carrom boards also double as Crokinole boards.

In American Carrom the object is to flick to strike the Carrom men into the pockets in a similar fashion to pool or billiards. Sometimes a cue is used rather than flicking. Due to the larger pocket size American Carrom lacks some of the strategy and skill required of the 'proper' version of the game.

Also noteworthy is the fact that American Carrom uses rings for game pieces whereas Carrom game pieces are solid discs.

European games in a similar vein: Korona and H-ring spel.