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Rolling CUBES Pytagora is a game to have fun with math and numbers.

The box contains 13 dice made of FSC® wood:
4 green dice with odd numbers
4 blue dice with even numbers
4 red dice with operations
1 orange die with ‘equals’ signs

You can play 3 different games plus a YAHTZEE variant.
The idea of all 4 games is to throw the 13 dice and make an equation with most of the numbers and operations.

Scoring is as follows:
- 1 point for each die used
- a multiplication sign scores 2 points, a division sign scores 3 points. However, this rule does not apply if you are multiplying or dividing by the number 1
- a double digit number (e.g., 78) scores 3 points (2 for the 7 + 1 for the 8), a three digit number (e.g., 678) scores 6 (3 for the 6 + 2 for the 7 + 1 for the 8) and so on
- 1 bonus point for using 12 dice
- 2 bonus points for using all 13 dice

Each player throws all the dice in turns (clockwise).
There is a target score to win.

Each player needs a sheet of paper and a pen.
The 13 dice are all thrown and left on the table in clear view of all the players. The dice must not be moved.
Each player makes the longest possible equation with the numbers and operations, and writes it on his/her paper.
There is a target score to win.

The first player throws all 13 dice and makes an equation with the numbers and operations, moving them around to try and use as many dice as possible. When he/she has finished, it is then the turn of the player on his/her left, who throws only the dice not used for the first player’s equation, and tries to make a new equation using at least one new die. The dice used in the initial equation cannot be changed, but can be rearranged to make the new equation.
The round continues with fewer dice at each throw, until the player throwing the dice is unable to add any new ones.
The last person to add a die to the equation wins the round and is awarded 1 point.
A new round starts with a new throw of all the dice.
There is a target score to win.

The 5 combinations to achieve are:
- Blue: the equation contains at least 3 blue dice (with 4 blue dice, you get 3 bonus points).
- Green: same as Blue, but with green dice
- Red: same as Blue, but with red dice
- Poker: the equation contains 4 dice of the same colour
- 101: there is a number greater than 100