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Bill Nye The Science Guy
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Build up your science with the “Architecture” show.
Towers, teepees, castles, and condominiums – some kind of planning goes into all buildings, no matter how big or small. Architects are people who design buildings, and the areas around buildings. Usually architects draw on a computer or a big desk (a drawing board). The plans show the dimensions of all parts of a building. Architects try to design with the purpose of the building in mind, but even buildings used for the same thing can look very different.
Normally buildings are a lot more than boxes. Architects use different shapes and materials to make buildings unique. Columns, arches, and different holes (windows and doors) give a building a personality while being useful at the same time. Wood looks cozy, while steel looks cool. Rounded shapes look soft, and angled shapes look hard. Architects use different shapes and materials to create a feeling or mood while keeping the building useful for people.
Be constructive – watch the “Architecture” episode.