Box art for Benny's Beautiful Blossoms
PK D4 - Plants
Play time
Players Min
Players Max
Building Level
Squirrel Benny and his friends want to have the prettiest flower garden in the whole squirrel wood, but first they have to plant the seeds. Watch out, though, as each squirrel can plant seeds only in planters with matching colors. Once watered, the little plants will grow and even start to flourish when the sun shines.

Players stick their seed discs onto each squirrel's stem. If a player's squirrel reaches a matching-colored planter with a free space in it, she can slide her seed disc into the planter. Now it's all about nurturing and caring for the seeds. This is done with the symbol dice: watering can, rain cloud or sun – they all have different effects on the little plants' growth. The plants grow after being watered and they start to flower when the sun shines.

Your goal in Bennis bunte Blumen is to be the first to reach one's tree fort after the work is done.