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Math for Children
Schlessinger Media
Make sense of math! Using number sense, algorithms and hands-on manipulative, kids tackle math problems found in real-life situation. Whether splitting a pizza evenly, estimating the cost of a new toy or graphing the results of a science project, math is encountered in many forms. Students will grasp the importance of math in everyday life and learn how to solve a problem by using different strategies. This exciting video series salutes math heroes from architects to marine biologists, and enables kids to test their math mettle in fun game show segments. Using memorable tips, clear examples and colorful graphics, "Math for Children" takes the mystery out of math!

Gathering & Graphing Data:
From surveys, observations and experiments to graphs, diagrams and grids, data tells a story! In "Gathering & Graphing Data," kids use data to identify and solve problems. From surveying and tallying school lunch preferences to experimenting and charting plant growth for a science fair, data is gathered in different ways. Students will learn to create, read and interpret information in pictographs, Venn diagrams, coordinate grids and bar, circle and line graphs. Consistency and accuracy is emphasized and analysis of data using mean, median, mode, and range is illustrated. Data helps bring facts to life!

DVD Features:
- Spanish Language Track
- Discussion Questions
- Chapter Select
- Closed-captioned