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Sister Wendy's American Collection
WGBH Educational Foundation
Program 1: Kimble Art Museum (60 min.): Sister Wendy Beckett introduces the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth and looks at several artists and works including Maillol, a terracotta head of a Nigerian king, Cezanne, Hindu scultpture, Piet Mondrian, a Japanese screen, Caravaggio, George de la Tour, Caspar David Friedrich, Standing Maitreya Bodhisattva from Thailand, sculpture from Pakistan, Ercole de Roberti, Canova, and a Japanese Wine Flask.

Program 2: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (60 min.): Sister Wendy continues with a tour of the Los Angelese County Museum of Art and looks at a Japanese Netsuke, Pre-Columbian sculpture, Rembrandt, Winslow Homer, Emporer's Twelve-Symbol Dragon Robe, Boulogne, Mazzanti, a Tibetan Buddha, a Hindu Shiva, Paul Manship, Mary Cassatt, Medieval Japanese Bosatsu, and Diebonbekorn.