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Ball round and haired, goggle-eyed and colorful. Cute cuddly monster around the old mansion. HURRAY! Suddenly Grandma Frieda is at the door - and she is frightened! All monsters must be caught very quickly! Who manages to grab the most?
Every child plays with other children. Mutual help is desirable in the hunt for the little monsters! The Monster-Cards shows the monster that must be caught next. The players place the "Monster-in-bag" figure in the given place and, with help from four sliders on the side of the board they pull the figure along the mansion corridors to the monster trap in the big cellar hole at the middle of the mansion. There they give the Monster a gentle nudge so that it tumbles into the monster trap. The sand is not quite through the hourglass? Great, then we have more time for another monster!
For particularly clever monster catcher there is still a tricky increase in the game difficulty: the monster must first pass over waypoints before goes to the monster trap, like the toilet or the rocking horse. At the end, wins this game, who has caught the most monsters.