Numeracy Legends and The Zerda Fox

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Numeracy Legends and The Zerda Fox is a memory challenge and probability evaluation game. In the game there are multiple uncertainty factors, accompanied by action and route options, building up thousands of probability combinations. Players will win through a series of memorization and decision making.

Three brief steps of the rules:

Step 1. Select a tent as the starting point. The goal is to successfully deliver cupcakes without running out of them on your way.

Step 2. In a players turn, one can choose from three actions: move along the tiles and feed a creature with cupcakes; stay and supply a cupcake; or stay and collect an ice cream. Ice cream can only be used for specific races of creatures, but can be used over and over again.

Step 3. During the race, should a player run out of cupcakes, one have to start all over again from the starting point. The first one to reach the goal with at least one cupcake remaining is the winner.